Leaving for central America

Tip: don’t try it without professional assistance. I mean 160+ hrs of manual labor from experienced workers. In our case, those worker were our fantastic grandparents, Sally and Tim and Marie and Topher.
Thank you all for your trips and your visits! I have no idea what we would have done without you, but I can tell you it would not have been sane. Thanks! 
We also got some time to hang out with some good kid friends, only some of which we got pictures of. Katie and I are deeply pained about how long it might be before these kids see some of their best friends again. Sabbaticals, especially sequential ones, are a doozy.
We bussed to Boston, flew to Houston, then to Guatemala City!
Then immediately took a pre-arranged taxi to Antigua, and that evening at midnight (2am our time) we saw molten lava erupting from el volcan del feugo. The next morning, here is what that looked like:
At that point we knew it was real. We were on our grand adventure!