Santa Domingo treasure hunt, part one

1. Find an angel with a sword. What foot is placed forward?

The right foot.

2. Find an ancient skeleton. How many teeth does it have?

Six teeth. Seis dentes. 

3. Find a place where gravestones were looted take a picture of a gravestone that remains.

One of the two remaining.

4. Take a picture of an underground staircase. How many stairs are there, en español?

Quince (15). 

5. Find a place where old bones are piled up. Pick one bone. What body part do you think it is?
Hip bone. 
6. In the glass museum, find a Mayan alligator. What color is the new alligator made of glass from Europe?

Orange. But there are many new glass alligators. 

7. Find a serpent made of glass with a jewel in its mouth. Do you think it’s a diamond?

No. We don’t think it is a natural diamond, we think it is a man-made carbon crystal, or cubic zirconium. 

8. Look at the Mayan art in the glass museum. What kind of facial jewelry did they seem to like?


9. Find a place with a ton of bells. How many are there, en español?

Viente (20)

10. Go to the colonial museum. Find to bleeding Jesuses. What is behind one of them?
Bones in the wall!