Giving Thanks

Now that the immediate pain of November 8th, 2016, has faded into a strange mixture of existential panic and absurdist humor, we have had some time to stop and take stock. We have a lot to be thankful for.

University of Georgia’s Costa Rica campus in San Luis (a few miles below us).

Liam and Reid are happy in their school environment. Reid has new soccer equipment to match his determination, and has been allowed to play with the older kids on Liam’s team. Liam has worked through a four-page, hand-written research paper on Pokémon Go, giving him privileges to actually experience the mobile game. Tim and Katie are enjoying each others’ company, staying healthy and being productive. Katie is getting her writing accepted at some impressive places, and has launched a new writing project at Warmer than Canada. And Tim has launched a survey, and published a long awaited modeling paper (pdf, online). We are all still in love with the biodiversity of Costa Rica, and enjoying learning more of the culture and language as well. We are very lucky and privileged people indeed.