We just got back from a long weekend trip to the beach, in Montezuma, on the southern curve of Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula. The thing with peninsulas is that they are surrounded by coastline, and the thing with coastline is that has lots of beaches:

Spectacular beach called, appropriately, “Playa Grande.” Good for surfing, sunning, running, or just playing in the games and messing around in the jungle.
We took a ferry across the bay of Puntarenas.
A game of Hive (my new favorite) on the ferry boat. The goal is to surround the queen of the other player. It is like a more naturalistic version of chess.
Disembarking the ferry for the final leg of the taxi-bus-ferry-bus journey.
We arrived in Montezuma to find tropical flowers blooming on the roadside.

We arrived at our hotel, El Tajalin (native word for a local land crab).

The hotel El Tajalin had a wonderful teraza with hammocks, a kitchen, and sofas. Perfectly relaxing.
El Tajalin was was very hospitable. Reid and Liam set about figuring out how to recreate the swan towel folds, too.
Hibiscus (Jamaica) flowers adorned our hotel room and restaurant tables.
We did some serious wave wrangling!
Liam takes on the ocean.
The ocean takes on Liam and Katie.
But Katie clearly is winning!
Yup. It’s true. These places do exist.
Funny thing. The first day we were playing in the waves, a wave knocked Liam’s snorkeling goggles off. We searched but they just disappeared. A full 24 hours later we were back at the same beach and I feel something wrap around my ankle. I try to kick it off, but have to move my foot, and I realize.. wait a minute! Tada! Liam’s goggles!

Amazing right? But think about the chances of this happening. Clearly currents were such that the goggles never left that section of the beach. But that section covered and area of roughly 2 full acres (~8000 m^2). The goggles take up about 100 cm^2, so if the probability of them being in any one spot was equal (which is surely wasn’t) the chance of stepping IN THEM as I did was something 0.000125%. Of course, the location was probably determined by random walk process, which means the probability of the goggles being in the same place was the greatest of all places, albeit quite small. I will leave that calculation as an exercise to the reader.

Again, these places exist!
Here we go for Day three of adventures.
Reid became a captain of the waves.
Liam was hard to wrest from the ocean. We nearly had to drag him out of it each day.
We hiked a few waterfalls, including a big one. Reid was often in the lead.
We brought our Nicaraguan slingshots, which came in very handy!
On the way to Playa Grande there is a self-help beach clean up station, which people truly participate in. We did. Both days. It added a lot of value to the feeling of being a part of that place.
Posed splashy
White faced capuchins were pretty common.
Lovely trees for climbing!
And eventually, inevitably, whe had to go home.

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