Hecho en Granada (parte cuatro)

I’ve talked about our Hotel in Granada already, but it just keeps providing. Hotel La Polvora (the gunpowder) is a truly superb place, from it’s owner and genial and hardworking staff, to its perfected interior. One of the things that makes the interior so excellent is the traditional tile-work throughout newly remodeled the building. Here’s a sample:

The tiles of La Polvora Hotel are so so classy.

The thing is, La Polvora is both a hotel and a tile (ladrillo) factory, located in the back. Here are a set of tiles they make, each of which is stunning, and on display somewhere in the hotel.

In the off season the hotel switches into more of a tile-making factory and renovation center, with hotel work on the side, the opposite of the high season.

They use a cold press method for tilemaking in which cement powder, water and color are combined in a form that is then squished by a tremendous pneumatic jack. We got a tour of the facilities in the back and were allowed to try our hands at making a tile, too!

We were treated to a taste of the “no-bake” tile-making process. Here Tim pours some color for a tile to be pressed.
Here Katie shows off a tile she’s made. At this stage they are very delicate and moist.
We also played games! La Polvora has a great indoor garden table for this.
And there was an adorable kitten named Masi, after the previous owner of the building, a renowned local teacher. Again, La Polvora, and Liam the owner, show a great respect for the community, the people, and the place.
Put it all together: Kids, Tiles, Wood. Humor.