The Trip to Volcan Arenal

When the Quirks arrived, Katie picked them up in Liberia, and the boys and I took a “Jeep-Boat-Jeep” to the hotel. Liam and I decided we’d rather travel via a “van-canoe-sedan” (pronounced “vankanoosedan”), but in the end it turned out to be a “bus-ferry-bus” which we found much less verbally appealing.

The team, waiting to embark from Rio Chiquito.

The boat was fine except that in heavy wind and big waves, it took on water and flooded people’s bags on the floor.

After the heavy waves in the center of the lake we traveled south along the eastern shore of Lago Arenal.
It was super windy! Check out the lady’s hair on the opposite side.
It was also super beautiful.
Our destination: a tropical volcano. Hard to believe, but true. I didn’t tweak any of these photos. The water really was that color.

And, that was the beginning of our week long adventure with Tim and Sally, and what a way to start.