Kolam Challenge!

During our travels Reid and Liam and I (daddy) fell into a nice little entertainment in which we trained ourselves to produce Tamil Kolam. The Kolam is a marvelous mathematical art form practiced by women all over southern India, and we were practicing the ner-pulli nelevu family of kolam, which are based on an orthogonal matrix of dots connected by a curve which snakes among the dots to form overlapping loops. Learn more about them here and on my paper on the topic: Waring, T. M. (2012). Sequential Encoding of Tamil Kolam Patterns. Forma, 27(1), 83-92. [pdf].

Liam works on a kolam challenge in which he translates an N-line that describes a kolam into the kolam itself.

But the point is these things are fun for car rides! Liam are Reid are both getting quite good at them now, and we’ve only started to do them.

Here’s a special one. One of my favorites. I still remember where I first saw it.