Reid Turns 7!!

In February our not-so-little-anymore Reid turned 7. The transition between 6 and 7 feels pivotal.


A.A. Milne puts emphasis on 6, and I mostly agree, but to me a real transitional period is that whole year of 6 ending in 7. Reid certainly marked the end of a momentous year.


In the year of 6, Reid transitioned to:

  • bike commuting with a gear bike
  • hiking without the occasional lift (yes, our Ergo–now with his cousin Orion–clocked a lot of QW miles)
  • looking beyond his parents, brother, and brother’s friends for entertainment (1st and 2nd grade friends are fun and funny)
  • reading (first with Spanish phonemes, and then with English)
  • playing complex games (hello awesome board games like Settlers of Catan in which Reid somehow beat us all, goodbye Candy Land!)
  • writing (too much, Reid would argue, in Spanish, though he is proud of his cursive)
  • walking to school and the ice cream factory without his parents
  • talking and singing in Spanish (sometimes in a gringo accent to make fun of his parents)
  • stretching out (gone is the baby fat–sigh)
  • playing soccer with gusto, and loving running and swimming


And, yet, despite the many changes, so much is familiar:

  • Reid’s impressive determination (his Spanish teacher says he writes more in Spanish than any of his Tico peers in his effort to keep up)
  • his keen awareness of rules and expectations (there’s increasing nuance here, but those who misbehave are still generally labeled as “bad” by Mr. Reid)
  • his independent streak (as toddler Reid said, “If I do, I do; if I don’t, I won’t”–the rule still generally applies)
  • his admiration for his brother (this year Reid wouldn’t have minded if said brother were doing less origami and more pretend play, though he rarely complained)
  • his critical mind (before our move to Central America, lots of “What if _________” (fill in the blank with worst case scenarios, like death by rabies in the event of being the last person on earth with no access to treatment) statements emerged)
  • his love of books (hours are still clocked on the couch reading–this year El Deafo was his literary winner)
  • his drawing ( initially Ed Emberly inspired, very narrative in nature and action packed, with weaponry, ships, castles, horses, low riders, electric vehicles, and pretty much always good guys and bad guys)
  • his style (this year’s outfits often include bright soccer jerseys, short, knee high fluorescent yellow wool socks with stripes, and fluorescent orange and blue soccer shoes)
  • his willingness and ability to keep up in a family where he is always the littlest (impressive!)

One other thing that hasn’t changed: when we are walking, if either Tim or I put our hand down by our side, Reid’s will snap in for a hold within seconds. It’s magnetic and magical.

IMG_4769IMG_4820P1030828img_9152P1060054P1060086P1060135P1060143P1060801Happy birthday, Reid. We’re so grateful to share this journey with you.

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  1. Sal & Oda March 29, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    What a lovely tribute. What a lucky boy to have parents who know him so well.


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