Spanish Code Names

On May day (May first, 2017) our family took a small hike down to a local waterfall, which despite being down stream of some businesses and homes and hotels and a road, was very unspoiled by garbage, and did not appear to be very polluted. We explored…

We also came up with Spanish code names for each other. It all started when Katie realized that Reid (whom she often calls “Beeda”) has a name that could be merged with the unofficial Costa Rican motto “Pura Vida” (denotation: pure life, connotation: relax, it’s all good) to yield “Pura Beeda!”

Then came my name. I’d already given myself a name, in jest, combining “dad” with the Spanish term for “truth” (naturally) to make “Ver-Dad.” But Liam has also been referring to me in a derogatory fashion as “Papi!” when I make stupid Spanish blunders. This seems to happen with some regularity, I’m afraid to say. So my name became: “Papi Verdad.

Next Liam’s name emerged. As we often call Liam “sweet dreams” or “dreamer” it was easy to think up “sueno dulce,” but we settled on “Sueño Feliz,” or Happy Dreams, or sometimes “Frijol Feliz,” or Happy Bean.

And Katie’s name then echoes the “mommy…” call that our children both make ~20 times a day. En español, “mani” means peanut, but is pronounced a lot like “mommy,” so now Katie is now “Mani mia!