San Luis Wanderings

One of our favorite places to explore is the valley below Monteverde, San Luis. In particular, we’ve had a great time playing in the swimming holes near the puente where the Buen Amigos trail begins. Here are some images from a March visit:P1070001P1070005P1070014P1070049P1070066P1070079IMG_4880IMG_4905IMG_4908We love stopping for a snack at the newly-opened San Luis Community Center’s cafe, run by the lovely Mon and Lupé. The merry-go-round across the yard is fun, too.IMG_4910P1070113Liam and Reid powered up the mountain to our house with little complaint (a full kilometer in elevation gain).IMG_4914IMG_4920IMG_4926And home’s not half bad with rainbows, amaryllis everywhere in the yard, and a great epiphyte-laden tree to climb.IMG_4847IMG_4850IMG_4857