Solentiname Islands

We made our last visit to Nicaragua in April when we visited the Solentiname Island of Mancaron. This island was historically a fishing community, but became the focal point of the work of a famous Nicaraguan liberation theologian and of an arts renaissance. The island was beautiful and interesting to explore, though it seems to be in a rough spot at the moment with community conflicts over land.


Liam joined a night pick-up soccer game in the first town we stayed in–I admire his courage!


Montezuma Oropendola nests.
The epiphytes were stunning.
But the play ground had been decimated by the January hurricane.



We took a traditional art class with a local family who runs the hotel Sueño Feliz. The art was carving balsa wood into birds with everything from machetes to smaller knives, then painting them. The father and the daughter taught us, and helped us to carve the birds, while the mother and son helped us to paint them.P1070416P1070431P1070451P1070455

The church was lovely, but went seemingly unused, even the Sunday before Easter.