The trip back

Last day in our Monteverde home
On the road we are in high spirits
Last casado at a roadside restaurant
We visit our favorite hotel in Montezuma, El Tajalin, which is an indigenous word for the wonderful blue legged land crabs in these parts. One morning Reid and I counted 262 of them on a morning walk.
El Tajalin had amazing climbing trees, complete with areal roots for swinging.
A white throated magpie Jay wants to share our dinner.
Reid and Liam serve themselves breakfast before we hit the beach.
La playa.
A different kind of art, but also art.
And then, all of a sudden, we are taking our sweet little companions back to places we know, but despite that there is still some adventure in it.
Oh right. Personal digital coke ads as far as the eye can see.
Or small friends in a big world. But they’ve grown so so much!
It was a long day.