Penzi, lost again.

Mpenzi is Reid’s central, favorite stuffed animal. Penzi for short. Penzi features in a great many “Charlie and Penzi stories” told by Katie, which often involve wonderful crazy superpower-like abilities and utter silliness. Reid first got Penzi for valentines day when he was one year old. A gift from Sal and O’da. Penzi was a bean-stuffed doberman puppy dog toy, still is. But Penzi would often, often go missing. When we moved to our house at 24 Winterhaven Reid was 2.5. In the fall one year, at age five, Penzi was lost while galavanting outside at dusk in the woods behind the house. We didn’t find him until the snow fell, then we had no hope. He stayed lost. At age six we moved to Costa Rica for a year, and Penzi was not with us. When we returned, however, we got a new Penzi, who is not quite the same model, but similar enough to be genuinely treasured. Now we are back, and Reid is seven, but Penzi has gone missing again. A Penzi, always on some crazy adventure. Where next Penzi?

One thought on “Penzi, lost again.

  1. Marie Waring July 24, 2017 / 11:55 am

    Oh no, Mpenzi! Where have you gone? Were you with Reid? I hope you come back soon.


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