Maine Summer!

A random collection of shots from this beautiful Maine summer. Liam attended a soccer camp he loved (sadly no photos), Reid ran track, I painted walls and got us out to pick endless quarts of berries, and Tim (with generous help from Topher) built a tree house. We also moved back into our wonderful home!

Reid and I watch as the adept woodsman Lucas takes down our pine.



And we adults did manage some desk work. Liam and Reid had their picture published in The Washington Post (not the shot above, but one similar). It accompanied an essay I wrote about our family’s year in graphic novels. I also recently had an essay published in Slate about how Monteverde turned me on to climate activism.

One thought on “Maine Summer!

  1. Tim-Sally Quirk August 28, 2017 / 4:38 pm

    Love the two Reid-in-the-air photos. Track looks fun. Also love these ongoing, frequent posts. Can you keep them up every day, forever, or our entertainment, please?


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