Harvest Festival at Leonard’s Mill

This was actually a different day, a family hike. But it’s fall, so it’s related.
We grabbed lunch, bean-hole beans, biscuits and hot cider, and it began to rain, so we ate in the basement of a working water-powered saw mill, while the large wooden wheels and gears groaned behind us.
Just look at this assortment of old chainsaws!
Herb Crosby a retired UMaine mechanical engineering professor working with the rebuilt Lombard Log Hauler. These things were the first tracked vehicles to ever truly work, and the originated in Maine, and used for logging at the turn of the century.
Horse cart rides.
The Lombard gives rides, too. Think steam powered locomotive and tank combination.
Herb drives his pride and joy. They’ve restored and rebuild this machine tip to toe. When the boiler (10ft long) heats up, it expands 1/4 inch lengthwise, so they made some design changes to allow it to expand and slide!

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    I LOVE these!

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