Deer Isle trip

The trip to deer Isle included a number of highlights. One of them is hiking on Barred Island. Barred Island is covered in deep moss, and has a lovely beach of shell-sand, on which we were too busy to take any photos. Here is the moss: With the central roads of the island are very dangerous for bikers. Instead, we biked around a bit on the smaller roads: The kids helped a lot at the campsite. And up close view of the lichen and spruce cone fairy house we made on tea kettle island. The fairy house itself. Reid and I made this one. Reid is sitting on a ledge that oversees the low tide section between deer Isle and tea kettle island near the Crouse’s camp.The water was cold and refreshing. There were tide pools with crabs and there were jellyfish in the ocean. Being close to the ocean is always so special.

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  1. Mari July 15, 2018 / 9:33 am

    Wonderful jaunt, magical moss, and Ocean(!). We love your family outings. Love Waringses


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