Reid’s writing

Now that it’s finally August, Reid and I finally sat down to look at some of the schoolwork he brought home this spring. Two pieces of writing from early in the academic year stood out: he still had Central America on the brain.

First, a poem:

And then a story:

Reid’s teacher last year did such an exceptional job of sharing her enthusiasm for writing with the kids. I liked her technique for encouraging re-writing. The kids added “spider legs” to their books. Here’s an example from Reid’s first page:

One thought on “Reid’s writing

  1. Timothy W Quirk August 10, 2018 / 11:07 pm

    Bet you will see another volcano, Reid. It is sad when you leave a place you have grown to love, but then you visit another place, and learn to love it, too. Life is full of that kind of magic. Nice story telling/writing.


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