Barville, August, 2018

Our annual trip to Barville happened again. And we got to see the Hale family there, as well, which was pure delight. Here are some highlights.

P1120781Reid and Liam got right in the water when we first arrived. And were eager to take the kayak out, too. No matter that it was raining.


Reid and Zadi in a battleboard competition. Zadi was the undisputed champion, even against adults.


Reid and I went on early morning paddles all three days. They were the best part of the whole thing. I just love being out on the pond with Reid.


Saturday morning we saw a strange threesome of geese. One was clearly in subservient mode, though I know not why. Perhaps an unpaired male, or a gosling?


Saturday morning mist. Note the dragonfly on Reid’s hood.


The best shot we got of the geese.


Dew on the cobwebs on the pond.


The peaceful beauty of paddling.


And, yes. We saw a bear on the hill near the peace cabin. While we were playing capture the cabin, actually. That made it kind of scary. I was guarding the cabin so I called out to tell everyone that there was a bear near the peace cabin. That made it start a determined amble away up the hill. Once it got to the top, it changed direction and absolutely sprinted toward the shore.

That really spooked me, because one of the kids could be down there.

I kept calling out until everyone was accounted for. Less than a minute after the bear had fled, Reid and Zadi appeared at the top of the hill, precisely where the bear had just been. They hadn’t heard me, but that had heard the bear running. Phew!



What a treasure.

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  1. Grandma August 25, 2018 / 9:32 am

    A treasure indeed, and you all know how to appreciate it. Great pics!


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