The Belize Zoo

Before we left Belize, we visited the Belize Zoo, which is largely a rescue and rehabilitation center for all sorts of local animals.

Kids with their new Belize football jerseys.
We stayed at the Tropical Education Center near the Zoo. It was very well build, maintained and run, and staffed with nice folks. Researchers and student groups stay here.
Katie leads the family to the Tropical Education Center. Note the tropics.
Reid comparing his size to the Jarbiru stork. They are gigantic. We saw one.
Here it is. It’s taller than Reid, and it was aggressive! This is the bird I mentioned we saw in the wild in Lamanai in a previous post.
That’s a nice thought. Would that we the moral progress of nations WERE judged that way.
Yeah. Crocodiles. Right there. Don’t get eaten.
Liam and Reid looking a little less than absolutely comfortable with their new scarf.
Tapirs are weird animals, and they project their pee backwards by about 3 meters!
Katie charms a boa constrictor.
Spider Monkey in the Zoo.
One of the Jaguars at the Zoo. This one is Chiku, I think.
Reid looking out from our balcony at the rental in San Ignacio.
This is a beautiful mural in San Ignacio about social harmony. “All ah we dah one!” = We are all one.