Mesa Verde, a hike to the past

By Liam

Yesterday we arrived in Mesa Verde national park in Colorado with our old friends from Orono, Andy, Anika, and Charlie. We camped in Morphield campground near the visitor center. Mom and Dad were reminding us who they were and, to be honest, I hadn’t the foggiest memory of them. But when we pulled up into their driveway I immediately remembered their faces.

Mesa Verde was the most astounding place I’ve ever laid eyes on. We had the privilege of taking a guided tour through a cliff dwelling. Our guide’s name was Ben and clearly he was just a very upbeat person. He was always thanking us after he gave a talk (I don’t know why) and he was all smiles and was always very happy to answer a question.

We also learned about the ancestral Pueblo tribes and their lifestyle on the mesa. Something I found interesting was the way they used dendrochronology (looking at tree rings)to try and find out why the ancestral Puebloans left the mesa.

Me looking off over the edge of the mesa.

Our group gathered around a kiva.

Reid standing by a ladder at Balcony House.

2 thoughts on “Mesa Verde, a hike to the past

  1. Sal & Oda Quirk June 12, 2019 / 10:28 pm

    What a cool place! We have to wonder how a civilization just disappears! They had to be agile people. Thanks for the graphic story, Liam.


  2. Grandma June 12, 2019 / 10:35 pm

    Did the Mesa verdians leave due to environmental pressures?


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