Adventure in Arches National Park

By Reid

The second day at the park was the best day of my life!
We got a permit to make our own trail on Fiery Furnace.
We drived to the trail entrance.Dad wanted to get lost,
but I on the other hand didn’t.

We started out and almost got lost right when we got on the trail.
We searched and searched and finally got back on the trail.
Me and liam(my brother) found some amazing caves,and sometimes got stuck.
We kept going and finally found the Skull Arch.Me and dad found some cool
ledges to climb on;they had amazing views!

after that we started meandering back.It took a little while but then dad
saw the fence.I started sprinting to the fence but then i noticed there was
a rock wall leading up to the fence and that wasn’t where the trail led
but i didn’t care.I started sprinting/climbing up the rock wall.
There where two people at the top and they saw my hand trying to reach the fence.
They immediately walked away i ran to the car and finally got water.
I knew i would probably never see this place again so i walked back to find Mom and Dad.

Liam sitting on a tree in Arches on the Primitive Trail.
Mom and Liam taking a selfie next to an arch.
Me running to get to the end first.


One thought on “Adventure in Arches National Park

  1. Sally Bulger Quirk June 17, 2019 / 10:12 pm

    Looks really hot in the Fiery Furnace, Reid. Interesting story, and what a relief to finally get to some aqua! Does Diablo live in arches?


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