Bryce Canyon

By Reid

Our first day at Bryce Canyon National Park, we rented one cabin for our family and of course stared hiking. First we hiked Queens Garden. Liam and I where so tired of hiking so we convinced the parents to hike back. We started to hike home. Dad and I planed to go twice as fast as everyone on the hike. We came up to a group of teen agers and tried to pass them. The one in the back sped up when we caught up to her.After a little while we past her.

The two others where grown ups so we passed them in a second,but when we passed the third one he followed us and sped up a lot. I could tell he was mad that a little kid passed him but then dad said we should sprint the last meters and if he sprinted
it would have embarrassed him. So we sprinted the last meters and finally beat him.