Grand Canyon Geology

By Liam

Yesterday we visited the Grand Canyon National Park and it was astounding. You could spot the different colors of rocks: Red, grey, yellow, brown, and more. Here are some of the different formations/layers that we saw.

Kaibab formation (yellow)

Toroweap formation (green)

Coconino sandstone (pale yellow)

Hermit shale (brown)

Supai group (red)

Redwall limestone (red)

Mauv limestone (blue)

Bright Angel shale (blue/green)

Tapeats sandstone (brown)

Precambrian Rocks of the Inner Gorge (multicolored)

Finding and naming the different layers of rock was fun and also really helpful. Our grandpa (if you are reading this Grandpa Topher the answer is 1.8 billion years) asked us how old the Grand Canyonanyon was and being able to find the bottom layer of rock and finding its age made it much easier to find the age of the Grand Canyon.

One thought on “Grand Canyon Geology

  1. Topher June 21, 2019 / 10:27 am

    Hey team. Thanks for finding out how old the Grand Canyon is!

    1.8 billion years is a long time.
    Grandpa Topher


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