Little Sir Visits Big Sur!

by Reid

Our first time at Big Sur State Park and my first time seeing red wood trees! Unlike Utah,big sur isn’t so desert like. Big Sur is located on the coast next to Highway 1.
When we got to Big Sur we reserved a camp site with our friends Jay, Mo, Tadd and Elle, who are friends we met back in Davis. We found a very fun tree to climb that had tons and and tons of branches. There was also poison oak on the ground, so if you fell you would die.

We had a hike to the beach. The first thing we saw when we got to the beach were many forts made out of drift wood. We found some kelp that looked like a whip and acted like a whip. On the hike I found a small whip, but when we got to the beach, I found a real sized whip. When I flung the whip forward and it started to come back, I heard the crack.

I dug two long holes about one foot wide and one foot long and stuck my legs into those holes and then buried my legs. Then I asked Dad to sculpt longer legs for me out of sand.and thats my story of Big Sur.