Games on the Road

To entertain ourselves in the car, we had the kids do math, write blog posts on our explorations, read books, draw, and play some digital entertainment. We listened to Michelle Obama’s book on CD, which we all really enjoyed. But the best entertainments were the things we invented together.

We played a bunch of games on the road. The kids, of course, lead the game-playing front. We played “I Spy,” we did the license plate game, Liam and Reid invented new monster personalities named Flowers (Reid) and Beast (Liam), who are quite kind, but need constant education and training, the kids invented new tunes on their new pocket synthesizers, we had laughing contests (especially with Uncle Bri), and the kids invented a hundred clever new games, including one in which someone says a word with their mouth closed, and the rest of us must guess it (gestures allowed).

At night, in camp, we usually read books together. Mostly we read Arlo Finch and the Valley of Fire, aka Arlo Blinch and the Volley for Hire, although sometimes we just crashed, and once we watched half of the Temple of Doom in the car.

One thought on “Games on the Road

  1. Marsha Eaton July 5, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    Wish I could be on your trip with you to experience the fun you have had together!!!! Lots of love!!!A. Marsha


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