Waterton Quiz!

Toward the end of our road trip, Tim and I visited Waterton Park, home of the Bulger family reunion for more than 50 years. Many of us haven’t been to Waterton in several years, so we thought it would be fun to put together a quiz to test out how folks’ memories are holding up.

All of you competitive Bulgers out there, sharpen your pencils. I know I should have a fancy survey form for this, but I figured you might want to read each other’s answers, or maybe even cheat, so I’d suggest writing answers down on a scrap of paper as you read through this post and then typing them up in a comment below. I fear this will be way too easy for folks like John and Megan–in such cases, turn to your kids to do the answering.

We would have loved to have been in Waterton with all of you!




  1. What does this wheel belong to?

2. What is the green object in the foreground? Clue: What hillside is in the background?

3. Where is this red space found and what is its function?

4. What is the specific location of the colored glass below?

5. From which beach in Waterton is this photograph taken? Be specific.

6. Explain where the image below comes from.

7. Name this falls.

8. What plant does this stalk in the foreground belong to?

9. Name the location of this photo where Tim dunked his head after a short hike.

10. Where does this light fixture live?

11. How about this one?

12. Explain what the yellow object is in the photo below.

13. How about this mechanism below. What is it a part of?

14. How about this shiny object below–there are many of them in Waterton. What is it?

15. What family or organization is in charge of this Waterton house?

16. What word do this Z and U belong to?

17. Name the business that owns this ice machine.

18. What neighboring business owns this walkway?

19. Name the business (general category is fine) outside of which this bench sits.

20. What Waterton business owns this sign?

21. What used to be at this construction site?

22. Where is this sign found?

23. Where is this wall found in Waterton?

24. And where is this dormer found?

Good work. Answers, to the extent that we know them, will be released round about the 22nd of July. Love to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Waterton Quiz!

  1. Sally Bulger Quirk July 15, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    NO PEEKING! 1. jammer bus, 2. PoW H20 tower, 3. PoW elevator, 4. PoW bar, 5. beach below PoW, 6. holding up a dormer on PoW, 7.Cameron Falls, 8. bear grass, 9. Red Rock, 10. PoW, 11. light shade: PoW, 12. canopy over damnable surrey, 13. surrey??, 14. bearproof garbage bins, 15. RCMP, 16 .Zum’s, 17. Pat’s gas startion (surrey place), 18. unknown walkway 19. ice cream store on Waterton Ave. 20. movie theatre, 21. Kilmorey, 22. campground, 23. picnic shelter, 24: 1405


  2. Carol July 15, 2019 / 8:47 pm

    Man, I know there will be mega cheating. We should just email the answers to Katie. (Happy Birthday!) but, here goes: 1. Red jammer buses in Glacier. 2. Water tower below Bear’s Hump. 3. Prince of Wales elevator ( keeps the riff raff from going above the lobby) 4. Door into P of W lobby. 5. One behind the campground 6. Outside of P of Wales 7. Cameron Falls 8. Bear grass 9. Red Rock 10. In lobby of P of W, looking out toward the lake 11. Lake McDonald Lodge 12. Awning of former Issuppixiz laundry (which only Megan can say or spell) 12. Awful surrey bikes from Pat’s 13. Bear prof garbage cans 14. Muzza ( family that owned Kilmorey) 15. Zumms! 16. Waterton grocery 17. Pizza of Waterton. 18. Deli 19. Pearl’s. 20.Pat’s. 21. Playground (damn it) 22. Campground 23. Bagel and coffee shop 24. Bulger attic where Tom spent his formative years


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