Olympian Trees

By Reid

We thought our camping trip was coming to a end, but Bri and Anna (our uncle and aunt) invited us to the Olympic Peninsula to use our tent once again. First we set up the tent (in the HORRIBLE weather—it was really windy and rainy). Once we finished we waited for Bri and Anna. After a little while, they finally arrived.

The next day we drove to a six mile hike. We noticed how huge the trees were: not as big as red wood trees but very close to that size. The hike was long but we survived it. After that we went to the hot springs. They where surprisingly warm but not too hot.

The next day we went to a beach at low tide. There were so many things: star fish, anemones, sea urchins and……….A DEAD SEAL! After that Liam, Anna, and I wrote a 🤑, a huge 🤑. We also flew a mini kiteboarding kite.

The Olympic Peninsula is rain forest, but different from Costa Rican rainforests. It’s wet and full of life!

One thought on “Olympian Trees

  1. Marsha Eaton July 21, 2019 / 10:05 pm

    Sounds pretty fun Reid, except for the dead seal!


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