Salsa, Octopus, Train

Wesley, Alden, Reid, Liam and I created a new variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors called “Salsa, Octopus, Train.” It goes like this.

    Train beats Octopus. (squish)
    Octopus beats Salsa. (slurp)
    Salsa beats Train. (spicy)
  • However, unlike “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” the game doesn’t end there. In Rock, Paper, Scissors, when you tie, you simply go again. Ties are strategically valueless. But in Salsa, Octopus, Train, ties are an opportunity to score a point, using a second set of rules:
    1. In a tie, Salsa beats Salsa, Octopus beats Octopus and Train beats Train.
    2. When a tie occurs, such as “Salsa, Salsa,” the first person to quote the rules, such as “Salsa beats Salsa, so I win,” gets the point. However, experienced players are often both prepared to quote the rules, leading to a rule quoting tie.
    3. In the advent of a rule quoting tie, the first person to concede the point to the other player, such as “oh, right. You win,” actually wins the point. However, expert players are often both prepared to concede, leading to a concession tie.
    4. In the advent of a concession tie, or any other disputes, no points are awarded, in the fashion of basic Rock, Paper, Scissors, and regular play resumes.
  • This creates a nice little sub-game, which changes the focus and makes it quite interesting. We would love feedback if you try!
  • 2 thoughts on “Salsa, Octopus, Train

    1. Marie August 4, 2019 / 7:10 pm

      This is so creative!!
      I’ll try to get Topher to play.


    2. Tim Waring August 5, 2019 / 1:45 pm

      And we’ll play it with you guys at Barville!


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