Just when you thought you’d heard everything about our sculptures…

…here are a few more links to add to our family’s pandemic archives.

If you haven’t heard of the sculptures, here’s an essay I published in The Washington Post about our neighborhood art, as well as a very similar version of that essay in The Bangor Daily.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 1.36.39 PM

Our neighbors Herb and Judy made a great video documenting yesterday’s move of the sculptures to the next neighborhood:

Finally, some more photos of the sculptures are here.

We will miss running, walking and biking past them on our street every day (especially given the daily dress-up work our friends Jessica and Jacob managed with new outfits for the squatting man, which they then turned into the squatting family–amazing!).


But it is also fun to see the sculptures now traveling to a new neighborhood and even more fun to see the menagerie grow. This masterpiece (below) is Señor Scrapwood, the Cromwell/Lexington neighborhood’s addition. Our hope is that each neighborhood will add a sculpture to the set as it travels through Orono this summer.


One thought on “Just when you thought you’d heard everything about our sculptures…

  1. Sally Bulger & Tim W Quirk May 26, 2020 / 8:28 pm

    The yard art sure is fun to see, from a distance, but obviously, in place in Orono, with other avenues vying for an installation. Love the new little people: Squats, Squatina & Squaty, joining their parent on the outing. This all builds community and obviously makes neighborhood sanity walks more interesting. Well done.


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