Air tag, Turtle tag, and Penzi tag

During the pandemic we have more time at home as a family. A lot more time. This has led to some innovation in terms of play. Reid especially has been creative. We now regularly play various types of tag around the house that involve flying stuffed animals (‘stuffies’). I’ll be taking a break from my ‘office’ to get a snack or go to the bathroom, and BLAM! a flying stuffed turtle (one of the multiple such we have at hand) will come flying out of nowhere and hit me. This is shortly followed by the rapid dissapearance of Reid as he calls out “YOU’RE IT DADDY!” I then grab the turtle and give chase. There are always instant tag-backs. That’s the primary rule. As a result there is a lot of running around the house these days.

I think the blue ninja turtle is Leonardo.

Penzi Tag has been played more, with Penzi the stuffed baby rottwieler, a celebrity among the stuffies. In Penzi Tag, once you tag someone, you may also then pick Penzi back up and chuck him away, so that it is harder for the new “it” to return fire. This adds a whole new level of complication, and so most of the game is played as a close-range tossing-kicking-tagging scramble for the doggie. It’s pretty intense.

Penzi from a few years ago. He has hardly aged, but Reid now has front teeth.

Finally there is Air Tag. Air Tag is great because all you have to do is jump and be in the air when you tag someone. However, that makes it complex, because you are rarely ready to run away after landing your jump. So some of Air Tag is silly: for example, standing close to someone, and alternating hop-touches with them. Air Tag is also spreading as Reid has taught some other kids as well.