Liam’s social studies presentation

Liam gave a talk entitled “The History of Slavery and Racism in America” last week. This came as a culminating project for his social studies work with Sal and O’da. This semester, they’ve been digging into early U.S. history from the arrival of Europeans through emancipation. They used Howard Zinn’s “A Young People’s History of the United States” as their base text, but did a whole lot of reading from other sources. It was fun to hear his talk and to see everything they’ve learned together this semester. We are endlessly grateful for the teaching Marie (art and previously ancient history), Topher (science), Sal and O’da (social studies and ELA) have offered the kids during this unusual year!

Español con amigos

This school year, Liam and Reid have picked up two new ways to enjoy Spanish. First, they’ve started weekly tutoring sessions with our friend in Costa Rica, Allan. These sessions have been wonderful (and, in fact, if any of you friends or family would be interested in Spanish tutoring, let us know–we cannot recommend Allan highly enough and he is looking to expand his tutoring work).

And, we’ve been connected with a young friend from Guatemala who visits with us on the occasional weekend for a day full of Spanish and play. Here the kids are with their new friend, playing a board game: