Kidney Pond con Marcos

Kidney pond has a set of cabins that we were lucky to reserve one of.
Our cabin was split in half with two rooms like this was perfect to have Marcos join us. He helped create more kid momentum.
Cooking on the porch was awesome. Except for when you hit your head on the beams.
This was Marcos’s first time in a kayak.
Perfect for paddle boards
Our fearless leader
The slippery rocks at the ledges were a ton of fun.
This expression proves the point. QED.
The beautiful lodge/library.
Playing football badminton is hard and rewarding!
This picture doesn’t do it justice. .It looks dull, but it is exhilarating.
A brilliant moon on our last night.

Katahdin 2021

This year we went up Heilon Taylor to Pamola Peek, down Dudley to Chimney Pond and back to Roaring Brook. The kids complained a bit (Liam hadn’t slept well before the 4:30a wake up and Reid had suffered some road rash the day before when playing on a friend’s mini motor scooter) but they were generally troopers. What a mountain!

Pardon the lack of shirts. It was a hot one!