Origami finger puppets

While Reid builds with blocks, Liam is busy making origami finger puppets (photos and photo effects his):

Designing games:

And reading tomes:

The latter activity–eating through books as if one’s life depended on it–is something that Tim and I never really managed as older children. We noted recently that the kids are more literate and more musical than their parents. Generational progress!

Stuffy restaurant

Beedo has a different sense of feng shui. I often walk by what we will always term “the sinking living room” in Reid’s honor to find piano benches up ended, blocks stacked high, and stuffed animals in seeming nooses arranged through out. But on closer inspection, his arrangements are often quite awesome. Case in point: the stuffed animal restaurant.


After a year and a half with no snow, we see sun reflecting off of white again, stoke the fire religiously, hear the raw silence and cracking sounds of winter, and hope for either good pond skating or skiing. For now, sledding will do!

A time warp

Star Trek fans more in the know than I noticed that Tim and I had Halloween costumes from two different generations of the Star Trek story. They suggested maybe we were a couple that played with time to meet up. Having failed to notice the different eras detail myself, I was claiming we were “Star Trek janitors.” I mean everyone has to wear the uniform, right, even the folks cleaning the toilets? But maybe these Star Trek geeks were onto something with the time travel suggestion. Look what I just found: