Barville Waring Trip Aug 2020

Calvin and Hobbes, Aurora, Paul and Liam.
A dinner on the deck.
Liam helps Grampa Topher to hang a new clothesline.
Liam helps Grampa Topher with another important task.
The Deerfly cup enters it’s second season. Here the Middle Earth Moms seem unclear on who’s got the birdie. Other teams and names included the “Silverside Seniors” which included Triumph Typhoon (Topher), and Silver Fox (Marie), and the “Yankee Youngesters” with Malagasy Megablaster (Liam), and Speth (Reid).
I always cherish early morning paddles with Reid.
Conversations in which Aurora plays a role are always very fun.
The lady and her mommy, both of Middle Earth.
We moved the outhouse!
Chicitita Aurorita and her suspicious uncle.
Battleboard was a key feature of the weekend for the Mainers, and those who would join them.
Fire play!
The paddleboard was also used as a, you know, paddleboard. Especially by Reid.
Despite the fact that there was no Capture The Cabin, we had an excellent time.
Orion had just recently turned four. We celebrated his birthday. For the youngest two of us it was unclear how many years old he was supposed to be.
A send off pic.
A final one for the road.

First night outside

May 18 is the first night that Liam and Reid are sleeping on the back porch this season. last summer it became a nearly constant phenomenon. They slept out basically every night for weeks upon weeks. I look forward to seeing how long they will do it this time.