The 2018 Stuffed Animal Olympics gets underway in Orono, Maine!

As the build up for the Stuffie Olympics gets underway we see an opening ceremony of sorts, a display of culture and art and symbolism of the world of stuffed animals.

This is a stuffy-controlled flying robot dragon, or something similar. I’m fuzzy on the details. The turn over is do fast.

A grand regatta sails across the main stage.

This is a fleet of stuffy-driven ships at sea. Note the churning blue-green wake behind each.

Finally, the games have begun. First up is the Luge.

The first Olympic sport is the Luge. This is a luge course, built with blocks, for stuffed animal racers. In this overhead view you’ll see how challenging this corners will be.


Star Wars Main Theme in math notation and pencil

I was inspired by a tweet by @d4niphantom, in which she writes a mathematical expression that expresses nothing mathematically, but expresses the Star Wars Cantina song instrumentally, with pencil. Here’s her original masterpiece.

And here’s my follow up, a pencil and math rendition of the Star Wars Main Theme.


Holiday Hullabaloo

We had the Warings out for a week during the holidays and Christmas this year, Marie, Toph, Sarah, Paul, and Orion. It was a joyously full house. I did a terrible job of documenting Sarah and Paul’s presence, apparently!

Dad goes out to shovel on Christmas day.
Snow accumulates quickly.
Everything is covered.
Orion fishes for blocks.
The next day, two cousins help with shoveling the driveway.
Orion and Topher.
Marie and Orion.
Reid plays the new Melodica.
Katie repairs some mittens.
We host a bonfire, mulled cider, and hot buttered rum party.
The kids hold an epic snowball fight. I *think* it was mostly civil?
Dad meets Alex Tyutyunyk.
The three cousins.
Liam plays piano.
Liam up close.

Harvest Festival at Leonard’s Mill

This was actually a different day, a family hike. But it’s fall, so it’s related.
We grabbed lunch, bean-hole beans, biscuits and hot cider, and it began to rain, so we ate in the basement of a working water-powered saw mill, while the large wooden wheels and gears groaned behind us.
Just look at this assortment of old chainsaws!
Herb Crosby a retired UMaine mechanical engineering professor working with the rebuilt Lombard Log Hauler. These things were the first tracked vehicles to ever truly work, and the originated in Maine, and used for logging at the turn of the century.
Horse cart rides.
The Lombard gives rides, too. Think steam powered locomotive and tank combination.
Herb drives his pride and joy. They’ve restored and rebuild this machine tip to toe. When the boiler (10ft long) heats up, it expands 1/4 inch lengthwise, so they made some design changes to allow it to expand and slide!

A tired return from Leipzig

Leipzig to Orono
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

German Time
3:50 am MPI EVA, wake,
4:00 am walk Semmelweis Strasse to Leipzig MDR station,
4:20 am take S3 local train to Leipzig Haupbanhof,
5:30 am take Deutsche Bahn ICE to Berlin,
6:06 am take TXL bus to Berlin Tegel Airport,
9:00 am take United flight to Newark Airport (8 hrs),
(arrive 1 pm Eastern, 7 pm Germany)

US Eastern Time
(flight canceled, rebook to Portland instead of Bangor, on standby)
4:30 pm take United flight to Portland,
6:30 pm take taxi to Concord bus terminal,
8:15 pm take Concord bus to Bangor,
10:45 pm take private car ride home to Orono.
11:20 pm sleep.

5 modes of transit
Travel time: 25.5 hours