Pandemic. Snow Storm. Power Out. Heck, Yeah!

It was a beautiful morning. The snow stuck to everything, walls, trees, branches, everything.

The snow stuck to everything.
A few branches in the driveway.
Katie and I explore the brand new same old woods.
It was stunning.
Liam and Reid’s fort survived a tree fall, and kept the snow out.
White and brown stripes.

We shoveled the drive. I used the chainsaw. I cooked bacon and eggs on the campstove for lunch. We heated tea water on the woodstove. I had cold instant coffee. We did a 4 person exercise routine. We sat around by the fire and read. And blessedly, we couldn’t do a lick of computer-based work. It was glorious!

April Fools, 2020

So, it was March 31st, and we thought we should really prank the kids this year. In the past, Katie has managed some good ones, like emerging with ketchup all over her hands and face, to terrify the boys. It worked very well.

This year, in the middle of the pandemic, we decided to “get a phone call” and tell the kids that school was back on. So, in the morning Katie walked into their room, and I called her phone, and she did the acting. The kids didn’t fall for it at all. Not even a second. It was demoralizing.

Anyway, we went to bed that night, and then awoke to the sound of Liam vomitting in the toilet downstairs. He’d been sick in the night time just a few days before, as well. Katie, bless her, went town to take care of the kid and there he was, hunched over the toilet. She got him to stand up, and he was shaky. Poor dude.

Then everything changed. He stood up, stopped shaking, and said he was joking. He felt bad for stringing us on so long. It was all an April Fool’s joke, and we bought it hook, line and sinker.

Bravo dudes! Here’s to more practial joking!

The Missing Waldo Family

Feeling house-bound as we all are during the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to add some joy to the world. How would we do this? We would build wooden statues, paint them, and put them somewhere publically for people to enjoy.

Reid worked on the smaller of the two statues. He brought it inside to be painted because it was darn cold.
Our completed duo! We just painted them with colors we had. Simple, but effective.
We decided to bring them up to the top of the woods, where the trail overlooks I-95. Here we are before installing them.
Here we are installing them.
And there they are in all their goofy glory! Note the semi going by. Many people honked happily at us as we were setting them up.

But… it was not to last. The next day we went back to see how they were doing, if they’d fallen over in the wind or anything.

They were GONE!

Just totally gone. Not a trace. Not a note, nothing. No mutilated pieces! They had been stolen, abducted, or responsibly cleaned up by a state trooper. We don’t know!

So can you help us find the Missing Waldo Family?

We are determined to spread joy with goofy home-made displays of public art! Want to join?

Orono Kids Climate Action

Yesterday evening we hosted a Kids Climate Action in downtown Orono. Families made signs and got together with drums and rattles and cymbals to parade around the downtown. The weather stayed clear and we had a wonderful time.

Reid paints his “Wake up People!” sign.
Kids lead the climate rally across the bridge in Orono.
The kids really got into it, holding their signs for passing cars.
The whole crew assembled. Adults and kids both asked “Can we do this again?”