Katadhin for Katie 44!

For Katie’s birthday this year we did one of her favorite things: a family hike. This year, with Reid 10 and Liam 13, we hiked Katadhin, the highest mountain in the state. One mile up, one mile down, and 9.8 miles sideways. No biggie!

Katie Q and the kids on Pamola Peak with the Knife’s Edge, South Peak (just left of Katie’s hat) and Baxter Peak (flat with cairns to the right) in the background.
The day before our first night in the Baxter State Park. Reid explores the beautiful Roaring Brook.
Dinner the evening of July 14, 2020, the day before the hike.
July 15th, 2020, Katie’s Birthday. Liam, on the way up. Trees getting shorter. Liam getting taller.
Well above the trees on the way to Pamola.
Quirks on Pamola Peak.
Hiking the Knife’s Edge! Hard to take bad photos of this.
Liam and Daddy make Baxter peak, and the cairn that people have erected to help the peak touch 1 mile in height. At 5,269 ft, it’s just 11 feet short!
On the way back down, at the ranger’s station at Chimney Pond. Katie checked out the pond and now we want to camp there next time!
Reid was an amazing hiker, always ready to spring ahead. Although the last few miles were hard for everyone.
The next morning, some of us braved the cool waters of Roaring Brook. Okay, only one of us. It was cold but invigorating!

Happy Birthday Katie Quirk! You are the best mother and partner we could hope for! Here’s to another awesome 44 years together!

A last tai chi lesson

Our neighbors grandparents Wai Po and Wai Gon are returning to China next week. Wai Gon has been teaching Liam to practice tai chi. Last night Liam received one final lesson before we left.
This time he added five new steps, so that they could go all the way through the full 15 steps.
Liam is always eager to practice tai chi. He is also designing his own martial art form called Chin-adiu. 
Wai Gon is equally eager to teach Liam, too. It’s a wonderful combination to watch. On this last night of practice, the two of them kept at it until I came to get Liam because it was dark at 9 PM!

Just. One. Day?

Today I came home, and we had dinner like usual. Afterwards we went out to ride our bikes. Liam wanted to ride the scooter bike and so did Reid. We got the scooter bike first. So Liam was left with his bike with no training wheels. That is a big challenge. Or so I thought. At first I started helping Liam by holding him. And then I was only holding a little bit. And then I was not holding a him at all. Then I was just running behind him. And I was running alongside him. Then I was taking pictures. It all happened so fast.