Mashed Little Fingers

 On July 9th at 7:12 pm, Katie and I stood in a big cold room with powerful machines designed to emit radiation to pass through human bodies.  Together we pressed our and pressed our baby’s hand onto a large, flat table with a clear paddle while the room size machine above looked down.
This is what it saw.
Can you see the a very small white spec beyond the final bone on the pointer? 
That was it.
Reid had just had the tip of his left pointer finger smashed in an accident at home involving a water spigot.  The nail was almost off and the cut circled nearly 270 degrees of the tip of that finger.  You could have bent the tip of this finger back like a lid. These were the X-rays that culminated in a stitch up later that evening.  A stitch up which is now long since forgotten, the finger nail having grown back almost completely.
Here it is again, see it, on that little hand?
In these pictures you can see Katie’s fingers and my fingers holding the little hand where it needs to stay.  They are very different sized fingers. Poor little fingers. 
But here’s the beauty of those little fingers.  They are so small.  Look at the lack of space between the bones on the adult fingers above.  Now look at the space between the bones in Reid’s hand.
He’s mostly flesh! 
Thanks for being such a good sport about that, little friend.
It wasn’t easy for the parents, but you did marvelously!