Wild Edibles!

Inspired by a brilliant gift from our friends the Hasbrouck’s, we took the Waring grandparents on an adventure to create a meal from nothing but locally available wild edible plants. Liam was especially excited and energetic about this idea.

Liam and Reid clipping sumac berry clusters off of the tree for sumac berry juice
Liam and grandma Marie beginning a difficult harvest of burdock root.
Reid and grandpa Topher process this strange but edible can’t tail route. They are Kors are fibrous and have a white starchy paste which can be eaten.
Liam whittles a burdock root down to an edible core.
Topher shows how to extract the center of the cattail root.
After hard work and harvesting and long work in processing this is our meager bounty of starchy fibrous cattail root.
Boil the burdock root for half an hour…
Sumac berries soaking in water. It’s something like lemonade, unsweetened. Not bad!
Our Linden leaf salad which Liam garnished with snapdragon flowers!
I believe we finally ate our meal after all of our hard work and processing at about 1:30 PM!
Liam did some diary on the topic.

Despite the fact that we did not collect very much food, after trying all of our wild edibles our ravenous hunger somehow left us.

Katie’s Yoga

Katie has recently finished a year-long yoga teaching training, and has jumped right in to teaching. She’s currently got five classes a week and is building her clientele!

Katie shows off one of the tricky poses she’s mastered. She mastered this before the yoga teacher training, actually.
Katie Quirk: Yoga Teacher

The Down East Sunrise Trail Relay

The team before we head out. We’ve all got a major case of nerves right now.
The team before Matt starts the first leg.
Our friendly advice to other tired runners.
What it looks like just before dawn.
Dawn, downeast.
I ran a 4am leg, which was awesome, because the sun rose on my run.
There it comes, over the salt marsh.
Brian finished a leg at speed!
Here’s a hand off point the in the morning. We are getting close!
Andy finished us off in Eastport.
And then he and I went for a dip.
There was lobster, beer, and rest.
Oh, and we absolutely killed it!




Vermont, 2018

To Vermont!
Gram’s Topher & Marie
Frisbee golf under the panels.
A hike up Wheeler Mountian.
Hiking crew.
Reid conquerer Wheeler.
Reid and I run down Wheeler Mountain, acheiving the third fastest recorded descent ever.
Orion steals the show.
Tractor equipment talk.
Orion and I walk to the stream
We visit Larry and Sharon in the Dome.
We build a model of Mordor in the sand at Shadow Lake. Note the Ephel Duath, the Ered Lithui, the plains of Gorgoroth, the Moranon, Orodruin, and of course Barad-dur.
And we have a whole celebration at the Eley-Warings.

Precipice Trail and Pirate golf!

Good solid summer activities, combined into one fun weekend.

We started the weekend with a celebratory round of minigolf, all 36 holes.
This pirate cove place is well done. Pretty fun.
The next day we went for a bike ride on the Acadia carriage trails. And Reid climbed on a beautiful stone bridge.
There were plenty of tourists, but we were able to count the license plates of 35 states (including two Canadian provinces).
We finished with a lunch on Jordan pond.
Finally, we climbed the precipe trail with the kids.
This is the most deadly trail in the par, supposedly. And it is very steep. We passed many adult tourists who were clearly out of their league.
We blissfully climbed to the top, and met a nice family who gave us a ride back to the car! Hooray for friendly hitchhiking!

Summer Track

This was only the second or third time we’ve done summer track. And this year it was different. Reid really loved it. He chose to attend the Saturday track meets, as well. They were both brave at the one meet we could actually attend. Liam competed in the long jump with no training and very little assistance, and Reid ran a relay and a 400m. It was great.

Warm up at a track meet.
The interminable waits.
Reid cooking around the track.
Finishing his 400m with speed to spare.
Liam flying in long jump practice.

Track is pretty cool, and the Orono track coaches do a great job making it easy to do. We wish we could have done more!

Barville, August, 2018

Our annual trip to Barville happened again. And we got to see the Hale family there, as well, which was pure delight. Here are some highlights.

P1120781Reid and Liam got right in the water when we first arrived. And were eager to take the kayak out, too. No matter that it was raining.


Reid and Zadi in a battleboard competition. Zadi was the undisputed champion, even against adults.


Reid and I went on early morning paddles all three days. They were the best part of the whole thing. I just love being out on the pond with Reid.


Saturday morning we saw a strange threesome of geese. One was clearly in subservient mode, though I know not why. Perhaps an unpaired male, or a gosling?


Saturday morning mist. Note the dragonfly on Reid’s hood.


The best shot we got of the geese.


Dew on the cobwebs on the pond.


The peaceful beauty of paddling.


And, yes. We saw a bear on the hill near the peace cabin. While we were playing capture the cabin, actually. That made it kind of scary. I was guarding the cabin so I called out to tell everyone that there was a bear near the peace cabin. That made it start a determined amble away up the hill. Once it got to the top, it changed direction and absolutely sprinted toward the shore.

That really spooked me, because one of the kids could be down there.

I kept calling out until everyone was accounted for. Less than a minute after the bear had fled, Reid and Zadi appeared at the top of the hill, precisely where the bear had just been. They hadn’t heard me, but that had heard the bear running. Phew!



What a treasure.