30 years of friendship

Four of my high school girlfriends and I got together with our families this summer at Coeur d’Alene Lake with our families. Only once we were all there, drawing from distances as far as London, did we realize that it had been 30 years since we first knew each other. It was so nice to see them in their lovely families.

Reid’s writing

Now that it’s finally August, Reid and I finally sat down to look at some of the schoolwork he brought home this spring. Two pieces of writing from early in the academic year stood out: he still had Central America on the brain.

First, a poem:

And then a story:

Reid’s teacher last year did such an exceptional job of sharing her enthusiasm for writing with the kids. I liked her technique for encouraging re-writing. The kids added “spider legs” to their books. Here’s an example from Reid’s first page:

Reid’s Farm League Baseball Season

This spring Reid chose to play Farm League baseball. Katie encouraged me to help coaching, which was fun. It was pretty adorable, all around.

Reid likes to play a base position.
We played against some small opponents!
There was much goofiness.
Reid is catching it! (And by “it” I mean his own glove.)
At the bat.
Here it comes…CRACK!
Liam didn’t play baseball, but would have liked to, so he hung around nearby with a glove.
The team on the bench during a hitting part of the inning.
Uh oh.
Yay, games done! We played two games total. Practiced a bunch. Nothing lost, many skills gained. It’s impressive how much they learn in a short time.

Archery for Liam’s birthday

We went camping for Liam’s birthday near Wolfe’s Neck state park, and took archery lessons.

Camping usually means packing the car to the very brink. Also there are two bikes on top, and two on a rack behind.
We took a training through LL Bean.
It was fun to learn. We were so excited that we took the target papers home as trophies.

These were the bows they had us use. Very nice. Strong and comfortable to hold and they really  look the part!

Lunch at the campsite.



One day we went out on the mud flats when the tide was low and had a mud fight. No pictures.
Reid enthusiastically explored the integrated farm that was part of this camping area called “recompense”. He found, and showed us pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, geese, and cows. It’s delightful to have Reid take us around on bikes on a farm tour.
One morning I went for a run in Wolfe’s Neck state park, and came across this little view. It’s a special view for me. Here’s why (see below).
We visited this precise spot seven years ago, when Reid was 1 & 1/2.  What’s more we have a famous video of the event. See below. You’ll see the same angle on the bridge toward the end of the video (although apparently a small birch is now missing).